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FOR A MORE ORGANIC, GREENER EXTRACT MZ12X is the  product that you are looking for!



available at these locations 

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 82871 Parker lane

Dexter Oregon,




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  • Butane Free
  • No Residue
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains no heavy metals

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MZ12X  Organic solvent

DnH distribution is here to provide you with mz12x  FOR YOUR EXTRACTION NEEDS.


Organic MZ 12X is biodegradable, safe on the environment, harmless to humans, animals, or plants. It will leave degreased surface odor free, color free, residue free, and heavy metal free and absolutely non-toxic.

Mz12x is a butane alternative for oil makers to make extract, wax, shatter and dabs.

Organic MZ12X, is formulated from an organic gas that is produced by nature. It is still FLAMMABLE, but its explosion point is much higher than that of a petroleum based solvent. Additionally, it has a fully vanishing CEP; “Complete Evaporating Point” (-23C) and contains NO heavy metals.

Looking for area distributors, throughout oregon and washington.

DnH Distribution has now purchased the distribution rights for the Alaska and Oregon territories from SDRG Inc. To  distribute Mz12x. We are now seeking Oregon, and Alaska vendors that are interested in selling Mz12x in their area. For more information call                                                                                       Blake Donica 541-521-7381

 SDRG Inc. Parent company of DnH Distribution lmtd is looking for people interested in becoming  territory distributors. This product is only two years old and is proving to be the answer to a growing concerns about, heavy metals and other toxins presenting in all butane and propane products no matter how many times refined.

      If interested call Blake 541-521-7381

 It is not about the color, it is about the flavor and the quality 

We are selling the rights to distribute Mz12x in Oregon, Washington, And Alaska. Illness forces sale. 541-521-7381